HPAC 2.0™ is a highly advanced, ultra-compact, monoblock heat pump, specifically designed for new and retrofitting older buildings with state-of-the-art air conditioning. What makes HPAC 2.0  unique is that unlike traditional PTAC’s that require large exterior grilles which mar the facade and  leak air, HPAC 2.0 requires only two small holes that are tightly sealed to the unit.


HPAC 2.0’s state-of-the-art cooling system is utilized all over Europe in villas, residential and  office buildings, fine hotels, and the World Famous Colosseum in Rome.


Sleek Inside

Clean, crisp lines inconspicuously blend
into any decor. At just 6.5” deep, HPAC
2.0 will barely intrude on your space.

Clean Facade

All that’s visible on the exterior are two
small 6” (interior diameter) louvers. that
can be painted to blend discreetly into
any facade.

Whisper quiet

Ultra-quiet 27 dB for a library quiet environment.

Fast Cooling & Heating

Heat pump technology with Inverter cools down fast in the summer and heats up fast in the winter. Optional supplemental resistance heat.


HPAC 2.0’s all-metal cabinet can be painted to blend into any color scheme.


HPAC 2.0™ can be fully integrated into a wall or cabinet with only the supply and return air outlets visible.

Perfect Comfort

BLDC Inverter technology keeps the room at a consistent temperature all the time. Auto mode selects heat or cool as needed.


Access HPAC 2.0 from Alexa or any Android/IOS device and any Windows/ MAC desktop. Setup integrations with IFTT.


HPAC 2.0 can be installed high on a wall, under a window, integrated, or even perpendicular to an outside wall*

Superb Quality

Crafted in Italy with the highest-grade materials by skilled technicians.

No Energy Loss

HPAC 2.0’s small exterior holes are completely sealed ensuring no air leakage.

Clean, Fresh Air

Breathe easier with easy to clean washable antibacterial filters, and optional fresh air system.


An AC inverter compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger and EC fan optimize power usage making HPAC 2.0 as efficient as possible.


HPAC 2.0 can be easily programmed with different schedules for each day of the week. Control a group of HPAC 2.0’s via the app. Touchscreen lock, and temperature limiting offer full control.

Intuitive Controls

WiFi, Desktop App, on-board and wall mountable touch screen with dimmable display and wireless remote.

Unrivaled Reliability

Reliability backed up with industryleading 10-year limited warranty.


HPAC 2.0 is one of the most versatile indoor air conditioning systems available. The indoor location of HPAC 2.0 makes it the perfect choice for both residential and commercial projects. Besides all the benefits and features offered, choosing HPAC 2.0 can help to avoid requirements that lead to extra expense.


HPAC 2.0™ has the slimmest and sleekest appearance of any PTAC or window air conditioner. With its matte white finish, it blends almost invisibly with any décor. It can even be fully integrated (with optional integration kit) for an even more discreet look.


All that is visible on the building exterior are two small 6” (interior diameter) louvers, which can be finished in a color to blend into brick and stonework seamlessly.

HPAC 2.0™  features a super high-efficiency inverter compressor integrated inside the unit. Small external louvers provide the inlet and outlet vents for the supply and discharge air via the twin ducts. HPAC 2.0’s patented solution provides the ultimate in aesthetics, noise and efficiency.


HPAC 2.0™ can be installed in different positions and places. It can be mounted below a window, above a window or anywhere on an exterior wall. It can even be mounted perpendicular to an exterior wall*!

For those who want a Bespoke look, the HPAC 2.0™ can be fully integrated into a cabinet or wall and finished with custom grilles. The possibilities are endless.


For a bespoke solution, HPAC 2.0™ can be fully integrated, either directly into the wall, or by simply installing it into a cabinet. The only visible components are the supply and return air grilles, which can be customized as well.


HPAC 2.0™ is the only air conditioner designed to be painted. HPAC 2.0’s all-metal cover contains no electronics, and can be easily painted by any professional painter in any color, finish or texture, without affecting the performance!


HPAC 2.0™ features a sophisticated BLDC inverter compressor which provides the highest level of comfort, when compared to other PTAC and window air conditioners.


HPAC 2.0 is the only air conditioning system that offers an optional integrated HRV (heat recovery ventilator). While most PTACs and other AC systems offer optional fresh air intake, that fresh air comes at a huge cost. Adding untreated hot or cold outdoor air places a substantial strain on the efficiency of the system as it works to bring the air to room temperature.

With HPAC 2.0’s integrated HRV the fresh air entering the system is already heated or cooled by the heat recovery component before it mixes with the inside air, this keeps HPAC 2.0 running extremely efficiently – with fresh air.


HPAC 2.0™ has the lowest operating noise of any PTAC or window air conditioner. This is due to superb engineering and noise-dampening materials, as well as to the sophisticated inverter technology compressor which operates very quietly.


Connect to HPAC 2.0 anywhere from any device using our Android/iOS app. HPAC 2.0 also plays well with others as it connects to smart thermostats like Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell and standard thermostats as well. For larger applications, Modbus and BACnet connections are available.


HPAC 2.0™ can easily be controlled in a multitude of ways. Comprehensive and intuitive controls enable the user to select temperature, fan speed, operating mode (cool, heat, dehumidification, ventilation or automatic), night mode and program timers.


Smart programming enhances your comfort and saves you money. Occupancy sensors can automatically turn HPAC 2.0™ on and off when a room is occupied. Smart functionality can be accessed from any Android/iOS phone/tablet and any Windows/MAC desktop.


HPAC 2.0™ is the only PTAC or window air conditioner with an inverter compressor giving it the highest energy efficiency. On average, HPAC 2.0 is 30% more efficient than most other PTACs and window air conditioners.



PTACs and window air conditioners have extensive air leakage all around the sleeve, enabling cold air to enter in winter and cool air to escape in the summer. Based on a study in New York City, PTACs and window air conditioners typically leak the equivalent of a 6.7 square inch hole!*

HPAC 2.0’s small exterior vents are tightly sealed to the unit minimizing any air leaks and maximizing the efficiency of the system.

With HPAC 2.0, not only is the system more efficient, it will operate more effectively because the air stays in the room and, in the winter, there are no drafts.


HPAC 2.0’s™ design lends itself to incredibly high reliability. With units installed in over 36 countries, HPAC 2.0 offers consistent dependability and unrivaled trustworthiness. We back it all up with an industry leading On-site 10-year warranty.


Our engineers are continually evaluating the latest technology and applying it to every system. We stand behind our quality with an industry leading 10-year limited warranty. We embrace a commitment to pursuing the highest performance and energy efficient units on the market.


It’s design is ultra-compact, but HPAC 2.0 has a lot going on inside. Sleek and robust, the exterior is machined from the highest-grade steel in a 10-step preparation process. It is powder coated with a polyester finish, and then oven-cured at high temperatures for exceptional durability. Let’s see what’s going on inside.


The advanced heat exchanger design enlarges the heat-exchange area, decreasing the air resistance while the hydrophilic fins and microfin tubs optimize heat-exchange efficiency.

Microprocessors control the speed of the fan motor according to the pressure and load of the system. This achieves the right amount of power at minimal energy levels.

The compressor is equipped with cutting-edge DC Inverter technology and an advanced permanent magnet DC motor making it capable of precisely matching the room’s cooling and heating demands. The use of Inverter compressors reduces the risk of compressor failure.



HPAC 2.0 is available in 115V and 208/230V, with an electric heat strip and without. To view all our available models and specifications, please click the link below. 

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